your beautiful is beautiful

i have had this project on my mind for a couple years and i’m so excited that i finally had a chance to do it!

the details::
i put the call out for 20 girls that i needed for a personal project. they had no idea what the project was for
i just told them that there would be some kind of twist. that day, a ton of emails flooded in. i decided i would
take the first 30 that contacted me. i wanted to take some extras in case people couldn’t do it or decided not to do it later.

they were all confirmed a month before the session, yet weren’t told what the twist was until a couple days before the session.
my favorite part was that i only knew a handful of the girls….most of them i had never met before!

the twist::
this session would be done with NO MAKEUP.

the why::
i spend many, many hours with young ladies and i hear so many things. i hear the “i don’t like this, can you make it look smaller.”,
the “i hate how my _____ looks.”, the “i take really bad pictures.”, the “i have a really ugly _____.”,
the “i don’t like that picture because my ______ looks  _____.”….
and the list goes on and on and on. it makes me sad and my heart sinks a little because the thing is—-
is that every single person i see, every single person that is in front of my lens….i see beauty. i see someone who is gorgeous.
i see someone who is loved. i see someone who is worthy. i see someone who is absolutely perfect just the way they are!

i wanted to do this session to give these girls, and others, the opportunity to see that they truly are beautiful. naturally beautiful.
they’re own beautiful. they don’t need to hide who they are, pretend they are something they aren’t. their beauty isn’t dependent on the number of likes a photo receives or any other outlying factor. their beauty comes from within and shines on the outside.
no one is perfect, but we are all our own kind of perfect. i passionately believe that


and i want each and every girl to know that!!! i want every girl to own that.

i am SO SO thankful for these 27 (only lost a couple 🙂 )  BEAUTIFUL girls who were 100% supportive of this shoot and the message behind it. we had so much fun and i love them all dearly.

as a group— we challenge you, your friends (anyone!!) to post your no makeup/natrual self and tag it
#mybeautifulisbeautiful on instagram.
we would love to see you, support you and tell you that your beautiful is beautiful!




love to you all! xoxo








don’t forget to watch 🙂 >>>

and i jumped in for the no makeup group shot 🙂


and be sure to follow along on my instagram @shannonhollmanseniors
for photos, behind the scene photos/videos and more!! xo

  • Aww, I LOVE this project! How cool! And what absolutely beautiful ladies! I do think you might be missing one though #nomakeupselfie !

  • Love the idea and the execution!! They all look beautiful and so happy!!

  • michelle

    LOVE this project and the incredible message your are sending the youth of today. What an inspiration you and all of these girls are! You are ALL beautiful.

  • Tonia Paulson

    OK i totally had tears in my eyes….thank you for being a part of my girls lives. These are so perfect, so many of my fave girls 🙂

  • Tami Kreitinger

    HOW COOL SHANNON! I love your little “ideas/projects” you dream up —- this one hit it out of the park!!!!!! Every one of those girlies are beautiful……especially the one in black center back of the group shots!

  • This is AMAZING. I have no words, but thank you for dreaming up this and thank you for sharing.

  • rachel

    I LOVE that there are so many beautiful girls who are willing to do this! What an incredible idea – and these are so awesome!

  • What an amazing photographer you are! As a fellow senior photographer, I applaud your efforts! Way to promote girl power! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  • Lynde

    Simply Amazing!

  • Misty

    This is hands down my favorite photo shoot you’ve ever done. LOVE!

  • i love every single thing about this! reminds me of the you don’t have to try campaign from colbie callait. Such a wonderful thing you’re doing. These girls are absolutely beautiful and this is such an important message. beautiful images of beautiful girls. fab job!

  • Julina

    These images and these ladies are beautiful x 1,000,000!!!!

  • heather schock

    this is a great message for all girls

  • erin s

    I LOVE these! I love everything this project stands for and an in love with this idea! Such gorgeous, fun girls! So fun!

  • Kristine B

    Ahh! What a great idea. As someone who typically does not wear makeup – I APPROVE. Great message, lovely girls, beautiful images.

  • Abbey

    Just another reason why I love you Shannon! I have always loved your slogan and love that you put it into practice! This is an amazing shoot! Props to all of these beauties!

  • Gisselle

    You are something else, Shannon!!! I love everything about this!

  • Tsone

    Gorgeous gals, all those colors make me so happy!

  • What an amazing campaign! This is truly awesome, Shannon!

  • I had the EXACT same thought as JennyBZ! Seriously in love with this whole concept! Oh…. and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you get in the group photos! 😀 😀 😀

  • Sierra

    THIS is the definition of beautiful and THIS is what senior girls really look like. Love the raw, kind, encouraging message you’re sending here.

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