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my beautiful is beautiful because….

earlier this spring i did a my beautiful is beautiful session which included a surprise no make up session.
you can see it and read all about it HERE.

i wanted to carry it throughout the year, so incorporated ‘my beautiful’ into all of the girls sessions.
i just thought it would be something fun….what i didn’t expect is how much i would LOVE it.
i not only loved to see what each girl would write but i loved the process of it all. each girl had to stop and think
about what made them beautiful. some knew right away, some asked their moms/friends, some thought about it a while….
but what i found is that it was something they weren’t thinking about and i LOOOOOVED seeing them thinking about
all the reasons they are beautiful. i am so proud of all these girls this year and i cant wait to keep this ball rolling and
see what else comes (YES! there are already plans for a new shoot. eeeekkkk!!).

i hope you will love seeing all of these put together as much as i do.
thank you for an amazing year. all of you!! xoxo

  • Kristine B

    I have loved following these gorgeous girls in this series!! So many beautiful ladies and I just love their responses!

  • Natalie

    I have become such a huge fan of your work this year! This idea is really unique and I adore it. Gorgeous ladies and such wonderful, thoughtful responses that allow us to know a little more about their personalities!

  • rachel

    I love this idea, and I’ve loved following these! Amazing work this year!

  • This totally made me tear up. What an awesome work you are doing. These women will always remember this!

  • Jenny

    Every last one of these is so meaningful. Love that you encouraged them all to reflect on this TRUTH. Every last girl is stunning and unique. Thank you for doing this for them!

  • Shelly

    This made me tear up. Important messages Shannon!

  • Aww, love this.

  • Love these so much!!! I love how you not only give these girls images of themselves showing them how beautiful they are, but you encourage them to think positively about themselves. Such a wonderful thing!!

  • Sierra

    THIS is the definition of beautiful and THIS is what senior girls really look like. Love the raw, kind, encouraging message youโ€™re sending here.

  • Gisselle

    I love this entire concept. You are awesome Shannon, what a beautiful message!!

  • I LOVE that you do this! Seriously makes me so happy and so proud! <3

  • You’re just the best! Thank you for being you. ๐Ÿ˜€

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