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mark and ashley
november 30th, 2013

mark and ashley are both teachers. you may remember their engagement session here.
so, i don’t normally do indoor weddings, but made an exception for this one because i just loved the idea of teachers getting married inside of a school 🙂 and, quite frankly, i adore mark and ashley!! it was a cooooold winter day, but it was a beautiful day!! xo

i just love this shot of ashley heading out to see mark for the first time. she looks so happy, her MOH is in tears looking at her best friend and her other bridesmaid is so happy for ash <3

what do you do when it’s wedding time and the boys haven’t eaten yet?! stop at mcdonalds, of course! 🙂

this was such a great, great group of guys!

totally forgot this happened and i was laughing so hard as i opened it when going through the photos!

and an equally great and beautiful group of girls!

love, love, love….

they are so amazing together. they love each other so darn much!

so much happiness in one picture!!

it never gets old seeing a groom watch his bride walking towards him. heart melting.

ashley quickly and randomly grabbed a book off the shelf. we were laughing because the book was titled “teachers have it easy” 🙂

i just love this shot that jeremie got of ashley watching her husband dance with his mom.

now i’ve heard a lot of toasts….some amazing toasts, but this had to be one of the funniest ones i’ve ever heard.
well done crew, well done.

mark and ashley, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your beautiful day!! we wish you a lifetime of love, happiness, friendship and laughter. xoxo

  • sooooooo much fun and laughter here! I love each and every moment you captured. This is honestly what true love looks like and am amazed by how beautifully you were able to capture it!

  • Kate

    SO much to love here! That is one gorgeous bride and an awfully good looking group of ladies she’s got with her. I LOVE LOVE the school bus shots and how fun is it that they got married in a school!

  • Her dress!!! It is gorgeous! I love the wedding party shots and Ashley with her girls. Those bridesmaid dresses are to die for! BEAUTY-full job Shannon!

  • Shea Stevens

    love it shannon- so many wonderful and creative shots once again. Congrats to two of the nicest people I know, happiness to you both!

  • Stephanie Dunlap

    Seriously – SUCH A GREAT WEDDING. I love that they got married in the school, and those shots in the library are perfection. So great.

  • Gorgeous photos! You definitely rocked the wedding party photos 😀 Great job Shannon!!!

  • Dani B

    Loved this wedding so much! Ring picture with the book is amazing!

  • Meg N

    That first dance photo with the twinkle lights!! BEAUTIFUL!! Such a gorgeous couple!

  • Deb Hunt

    Wonderful pics! Was such a lovely wedding and so happy for Ashley and Mark!

  • What a gorgeous wedding! I love that they got married in a school!! (although you wouldn’t know it because it was decorated so beautifully) Love the bridesmaids dresses and all the flowers. The bridal party photos are so much fun and you captured soooo many perfect moments of the bride and groom together. You can see how happy and in love they are in every photo! You rocked this wedding Shannon! Awesome job!

  • This day was clearly full of so much fun! The wedding party images are my fave. Good work friend!

  • What a darling couple!! Those first dance images are gorgeous!!

  • Megan

    Beautiful photos capturing a lovely wedding.

  • Gorgeous all around! This wedding party sure made for some fun pictures! I Loved looking at this beautiful wedding.

  • Looks like this wedding was an awesome time! Love all the emotions and expressions captured here. Good work!

  • What a totally fun wedding! Those bridemaids dress are gorgeous! And McDonalds?!? Love it!

  • I absolutely love how these bride and groom teachers tied the school theme throughout the entire wedding. The school bus is so awesome! The photograph of the wedding party in front of the bus is gold. Beautiful job, Shannon!

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