cole | kalispell senior photographer

class of 2013

i have known cole’s mom for many years, so it was such a treat when she
contacted me about doing his senior pictures. cole is such a kind, cheerful and
respectful young man. anytime they say “i just want my mom to have good pictures”…
my heart melts. having 2 boys of my own, i just hope that they feel the same when their older.

cole, you are such a great guy!! thank you for making me laugh and being so easy to work with.
i have no doubt you will claim a piece of this big world and do something amazing with it!!

  • Meghan

    What a cute guy! Great shots, Shan.

  • Michelle

    He has such a charming smile. I think he gave his mom some great pictures 🙂

  • Jenny

    I love your black and whites so much! Really great pictures!!

  • Joanna Kerr

    These are amazing. Beautiful light, handsome guy and awesome pictures.

  • Sara

    How cute is he?! Love them all.

  • Judy Rowland

    Cole you are a Blessing and Handsome you are !!!

  • Cole's Mom Collette

    Thank you Shannon! We love all the photos. He really is a blessing! I am so proud of the wonderful and handsome young man he has turned out to be. Thank you for putting God’s gifts into photographs.

  • Ro Moreno

    This is such a small world! I knew that your photography looked familiar. This is my Cousion Collette’s son Cole. I loved then when I saw them when she sent the link. It made me want to get back in to photography. A few days ago I looked at my friend Kjersti Cote’s daughter Alexa’s pictures! I kept thinking I had seen them before. It was not that I had, but it was your beautiful light photography. So In looking around on your site photos I found Cole. I kept telling my husband Alexa’s pictures reminded me of Cole’s and wouldn’t it be funny if it was the same photographer! Amazing Work You inspire me. Ro

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