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baylor alan
december 22, 2016

this is the second time i have had the privilege of photographing my dear friend, steph’s, birth. there truly is nothing more
magical and beautiful than a baby being born. i am so honor i was asked to be a part of it again. this is steph and gabe’s 4th
little kiddo…and man oh man, is this babe loved by his brother and sisters!

steph, you are amazing….and amazing mama, friend and all around person. i am blessed to know you. love you!!!

here are a couple of my favorites from baylor’s birthday 🙂 but be sure to watch the slideshow for all of them!

those crossfit moms start ’em young :

both mom and dad are teachers…. 🙂




  • Awe, I love that Christmas inspired one!!! Beautiful work!

  • Alison

    These are beautiful! The birth photos bring tears to my eyes and the newborn shots are perfection. Great work!

  • Sara

    Oh, Shannon! How wonderful are these photos. What a special gift you’ve given them. Love them all.

  • Jaime

    Just the most adorable little boy! Amazing pictures. What a great moment in time to capture!

  • Caitlynn

    Love that slideshow! What a beautiful collection of minute by minute moments leading up to the birth. And those baby portraits! Oh, man! Seriously beautiful. Love that teacher one!

  • Cheri

    Just beautiful Shannon!

  • T. Boyo

    You photograph newborns too??? Is there anything you’re not good at, Shannon?? Amazing!

  • Natalie

    These are so beautiful!!! There is nothing I adore more than a birth session. And that Christmas shot?!!?!! I’m dead! Amazing job!

  • OMG look at that squishy baby! Wow, all of those setups! You’re a magician! Great work!

  • AHHHH!!!!! You are insanely talented!!!! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen newborn images from you but you certainly can’t tell it’s not your wheelhouse because DAAAAAAMN you made it look easy! And let’s be real… IT’S NOT! Beautifullll!!!!

  • Not only does Baylor have the coolest name- he’s just perfect! GREAT job with the birth and posed portraits. I am loving the Christmas one!

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